Packaging and label design is always an exciting thing to do. 
Through the more than 500 labels that I’ve designed, I never lost the thrill that accompanied seeing the design in my hands or at the store shells.

– Skarby Konfederatów –
– Treasures of the Confederates-

Treasures of the Confederates (Skarby Konfederatów) is a premium alcohol brand by Produkty Benedyktyńskie. Handmade with great care in a small polish distillery. When talking about the name we were determined to refer to the history of the region. The portrait in the logo shows the confederate in uniform and characteristic hat. The names of the products are referring to events which occurred during the battle of Tyniec. 

It was essential that the product entered the premium shelf, designed mostly for gifts, B2B and the airports. The bottle is designed and produced in Italy. The label is offset printed. The hot stamp encrusting is handmade to ensure that all details are there. It is sealed with soft touch foil and UV varnish. 

This project was acknowledged at the 2017 Art Of Packaging Profesional contest with the GOLDEN PIXEL award.


– Herbal Elixir Benedictus –

Herbal Elixir Benedictus is a unique liquor, that was designed with great care. The formula was given to the producer by the Benedictine monks for m Abbey in Tyniec. It contains 18 herbs and was made and perfected to relive from headache, stomach disorders, improve digesting, relive anxiety and many more. It is hand made in a small distillery. 
Available in two capacities of 100 and 500 ml. Enclosed in black glass bottles to protect the properties of the Elixir from the damaging effect of the sunlight.

Herbal Elixir Benedictus – Winner of the Desire Packaging category in the Art of Packaging Profesional. 

Thanks to the unique shape of the bottle, it was possible to decorate the label with soft touch foil, UV coating, and hand-embossed trim of golden hot stamp.


– Czekolady Mnicha –
– Monks Chocolates –

Monks Chocolates are a unique composition of taste, elegance, and quality. 
Handmade with best Belgian Barry Callebaut chocolate, these 100 gr bars are a rare and elegant treat.
The packaging is decorated with soft touch foil, UV coating, and hand-embossed golden hot stamp. 
The wrapper is closed with satin ribbon.

– Nalewki Tynieckie –
– Tynieckie Tinctures –

Tynieckie Tinctures are a large collection of flavors. They are handmade in a small distillery, signed by Zygmunt Galoch OSB – monk form Tyniec Abbey. 

The idea was to show the subtle yet balanced composition of taste that is enclosed in the beautiful Italian glass bottle. 

– Benedictine Brewery –

Benedictine Brewery is a Tyniec Abbey inspired set of labels. You can taste the Abbot’s beer, the Prior’s beer and Steward’s beer. 

Made with the help of Krzysztof Suchora. 

– Hoplala Brewery –

Hoplala – Brew It Like a Girl.

Polish craft beer made with womanly touch: less bitterness more taste and fruity companions. 

The task was to create the brand from scratch. With a resonating vision from the brand owner, we have created a unique and recognizable brand and products. 



– Dietary Supplements –

Bioesters Omega 3: vital oils and herbal extracts. For the first time, these two essential healing ingredients were combined together. 

The knowledge of Benedictine Monks and resources of new technologies meet to create these unique products. 

The task was to combine the two different worlds: the tradition of Benedictine healing mixtures and new technologies that were able to provide us with the Biesters of Omega 3-6-9. 

The product was intended for pharmacies and chemist stores.